Free Resources

Welcome to our Free Resources page. I am continually updating this page, so check back often. I am also open to suggestions about resources you would like to see posted here.

If you have any questions about anything you see here, feel free to post them in the Blissipline group, our free online support group:

This video helps you understand the important distinction between using resources to soothe you vs. using them to numb you. The first increases your empowerment, while the second diminishes it, or even wipes it out completely!

This is an hour long webinar I recorded live to help people stop self sabotaging behaviors.


Here are some valuable practices that can aid you in increasing your joy on a daily basis. I have created pages for to help you understand them:

Introduction to the Nervous System

Here are three videos that give you an introduction to the Nervous System and tips on how to navigate more skillfully, so that you can handle your difficult feelings and become happier.


This Ebook is a useful addition to the Intro series, and goes into more depth on how to use your understanding of the Nervous System to deal with difficult feelings.

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