Welcome to Continuum!

Hello, 21-Day Challenge Grads!

Welcome to Continuum! I am so delighted to present this opportunity to continue our journey together!

For the last 20 or more years I have been working to develop ways to create ongoing, easy-to-access support structures to help people to do the real work of transformation and to empower them to create the lives they want. My goal has been to create opportunities which are both effective and affordable.

Well, I’m so happy to announce that it’s working!

The 21-Day Challenge plus Continuum

This combination has created a structure that gives you the tools you need and then supports you in ACTUALLY implementing them.

You’ll find some reviews from the people currently in Continuum below, and if you’re interested in joining, you can register on this page or contact me for more information.

I’m so excited to see all the magic you can create in YOUR life

with the right tools and the right support!

I’ve been in Continuum since it started and it just keeps going deeper and getting better as I apply and refine Mary’s wisdom to everyday things that come up in my life.

Rhonda Uretzky

Continuum has been invaluable to me for taking the principles learned in the 21 Day Challenges and going deeper. It’s so easy to go through a program with a finite number of days and have breakthroughs which dissipate over time once the program has ended. But with Continuum, I am able to keep at the practice and bring it to new levels.

Michael Dawn Brooks

(full text of both reviews below)

The Continuum Concept

Personal Support

You’ll have the opportunity every week to interact live with me, in both video conference calls and a Private Facebook Group.

Peer Mentorship

Being a part of a powerful mastermind group will give you access to incredible peer and community support and encouragement.

Small Groups

Small groups or dyads maximize your skill building, teaming up to explore the best practices for you, as often as you want.

Customized Tools

Access to an every growing set of tools plus individualized support to help you personalize them… so they really work for you!

The key to actually creating the changes you really want is… consistency.

Through consistently directing your focus toward what you want, consistently releasing resistance, and consistently finding ways to joyfully follow your guidance, your progress becomes unstoppable.

It has been my goal to create a program that offers the long-term, ongoing, life-changing support that I have been able to give my private clients, and to make it available to many more people.

So, in addition to effective, it must be affordable, so that people can stay around to get the longer term community and support that real change sometime requires.

Well… tada!  Here it is! 

A comprehensive, personalized system so you can get exactly the amount of support you want at a truly manageable price.

The Details

1. Every week, you will have an opportunity meet live on a video conference call with me and the rest of the group, so we can have a real conversation about what’s working, how to tweak the processes you’re using, and how awesome you are. I vary the times of the calls to accommodate your schedules, and I do my my best to makes sure everyone has a chance to be there live at least once a month. All the calls are also recorded, and you can ask questions ahead of time, so if you can’t make it live that week, you can still get your questions answered.

2. From time to time we will do a group Empowerment Practice (or “Challenge” if you prefer), which will be based on the questions and conversations arising in the live calls, so we are co-creating relevant, fun and effective tools that support your real-life experiences.

3. At any time you can post in the private facebook group and receive encouragement, support and guidance from me and your mastermind peers. The interactions are guided by The Seven Principles of Empowerment, which I will introduce in the first week. This allows all of us to step more and more into a place of true peer mentorship, which really supercharges our collective understanding and progress.

4. If you want to create even more interpersonal support, you can use the systems I have put in place to implement Dyads or Small Groups so you can meet as often as you like. I have created simple, clear guidelines to make these small groups super-effective, and I will help you find the perfect partners.

You can interact with these options as much or a little as you want, and create the perfect adaptable support system for whatever you need that month.

And here’s the price… are you ready?


The entire Continuum experience is yours for only $40 a month!

I know… that’s literally the price of a regular cup of coffee… and not even a fancy, schmancy, Grande Frappuccino with extra whipped cream! Just a regular cup o’ joe!

Mission Accomplished! 

Membership will be in a quarterly subscription, which will help you build continuity and community support, for the price of $120 for three months, in other words, only $40 a month!  

And…if you already know you will want to stay longer, as a bonus offer for a six month subscription, you can get one month free! 

So for $240 you will actually get 7 months! Cool, huh?

Click here to register for three months.

You will be automatically renewed after three months. You may cancel anytime.

Click here to register for six months plus a bonus month.

You will be automatically renewed after seven months. You may cancel anytime.

(Note: If your financial situation prevents you from joining us, please write to me and we will figure something out. Also, in the near future, I will create a referral bonus program, where you can refer three of your friends and get your own membership for free! For now, though, this is just for 21-Day grads, because I think Continuum requires a little foundation. However, soon I’ll be adding a prep course, and then you will be able to invite anyone you want and get credit for referring them.)

I am so excited to create this community of empowered, aligned individuals with you. 

My vision is that together we will create a small piece of what the great Rev. Martin Luther King called The Beloved Community.

As we step into our empowerment with more and more confidence, we naturally align with our inherent love, kindness and wisdom, and we cannot help but become leaders, in our lives, in our homes, in our communities, and in the world.  

Feel free to post any questions in the challenge group, and I will answer them.

May the Fruits of our Practice Benefit All Beings!

– Mary Cordelia

Continuum is the perfect name for this group, especially following the 21-Day Challenge where we learned Mary’s many tools and techniques for getting back in alignment. Continuum is where I got to apply them all in my real life.

I’ve been in Continuum since it started and it just keeps going deeper and getting better as I apply and refine Mary’s wisdom to everyday things that come up in my life (and get to see how I created it all!)

I look forward to the weekly online meetings with Mary guiding this group as we all share and learn from each other … it’s priceless. I not only know how to choose to feel better in every situation, I also learned how letting go of resistance to my feelings – not covering them over with affirmations -opened up a whole new place of self love and trust in the Universe.

I love this little Continuum microcosm of the Universe!

Rhonda Uretzky

I took the first 21-Day Challenge in January this year. In fact this is my third challenge.

Towards the end of the Challenge I was thinking, “What will I do after this gets over?” I loved it so much, and it helped me cope with a particularly tricky situation in my life then. When Continuum happened, it was like “yes! I manifested it”. And boy, hasn’t it been an amazing support group!

I’ve seen all of us in the group growing in beautiful ways. While I’ve taken therapy at different times in my life, I wasn’t ready or willing to go there at that point. But Continuum was perfect.

Mary offers these weekly zoom calls where all of us chat and learn and grow. Daily life challenges now look life opportunities to ‘ACE’ life. And I must mention here that I’ve taken uncountable courses, starting from Indian philosophy to yoga to energy healing.

While they were all amazing, Continuum is like a bunch of powerful, beautiful, wonderful people holding space for each other with the help of Mary’s techniques. And what’s best is that it’s based in neurobiology, psychological sciences and Abe’s work. Not mumbo-jumbo. I’ve been able to deal with very challenging work and personal situations with skill and ease.

I’m very very grateful that Continuum is there for me. Almost like a best friend, without judgment or rebuke. Loving, caring, supporting.

Thank you, Mary!

Paromita Goswami

Continuum has been invaluable to me for taking the principles learned in the 21 Day Challenges and going deeper.

It’s so easy to go into a program with a finite number of days and have breakthroughs which dissipate over time once the program has ended. But with Continuum, I am able to keep at the practice and bring it to new levels.

Being able to have real time feedback from Mary and our co-creators in Continuum has helped me move into greater habits of skillful living. I have made amazing strides in shifting my inner life to one of joyful expansion in much less time than at any other point in my life. Continuum has been a literal lifesaver to me, and I am immeasurably appreciative of the practice and growth I experience through this program.

If you have enjoyed the 21 Day Challenge, Continuum is the best way I know how to take that momentum and multiply it exponentially!

Michael Dawn Brooks

After you graduate from Mary’s challenges, you get the opportunity to continue in a wonderful little space called Continuum.

It’s extra supportive because we’ve all had the same kind of mindfulness/LOA training from Mary, and thus all speak the same language, and are using the same techniques to soothe negative emotions. We get to participate in video chats, too.

It’s loads of fun!

Theresa Taylor Bayer
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