Welcome to Continuum!

Continuum: A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements may not be perceptibly different from each other, but the change over time can be immense.

Welcome, 21-Day Challenge Grads!

Welcome to Continuum! I am so delighted to present this opportunity to continue our journey together!

For the last few years I have been working to develop ways to create ongoing, comprehensive support structures to help people to do the real work of transformation and creation of the lives they want. It has been my goal to create opportunities which are both effective and affordable.

I am so happy to announce this winning strategy: the combination of the 21-Day Empowerment Challenge plus…


Together they provide both the jumpstart to get you going, and the ongoing support that you need to truly implement your plans and dreams.

I’m so excited to see all the magic you can create with ongoing support!

Personal Support

Two opportunities every month to interact live directly with me, as well as a Private Facebook Group for ongoing training and support.

Small Groups

Effective systems to support small groups and dyads so you can choose the best practices for you, as often as you want.

Peer Mentorship

Be a part of a powerful mastermind group, and receive peer support based on The Seven Principles of Empowerment.

Tools and Tips

Access to an every growing library of tools and support for personalizing them so they really work for you!

The Continuum Concept

The key to actually creating the changes you want is consistency — consistently directing your focus toward what you want, consistently releasing resistance, and consistently finding ways to joyfully follow your guidance. 

It has been my goal to create a system that offers the kind of long-term, ongoing, life-changing support that I have been able to give my private clients, and to make it available to many people. My vision is that together we create movement toward what Rev. Martin Luther King called The Beloved Community.

This system requires two things… it must be effective, which means it must be both comprehensive and adaptable, and it must be affordable, so that we can establish both ongoing support and community. So it has been my intention to create it for about the price of your morning coffee — and not a Grande Frappucino, but just a regular cup of Joe!

Well… Tada! 

Here it is! 

A comprehensive, customizable system so you can get exactly the amount of support you want or need at a truly manageable price.

The Details

1. In the first week of every month, we will meet up in a Facebook Live, where I will introduce the Monthly Empowerment Theme. We will come up with each theme as a group, and it will be based on the questions, ideas and challenges that have been arising, so it will be connected to your real-world desires for change.

2. Each week, I will post an Empowerment Practice (or “Challenge” if you prefer!), which will be based on the theme and will be adaptable to your personal focus or goals, so you can stay engaged in fun and effective creation tools that are supporting your real-life progress.

3. These will be archived in an every growing library of carefully curated, tried and tested, tools and teachings that you can access at any time.

4. At any time your can post in the private facebook group to get encouragement, support and guidance from me and your mastermind peers. The interactions will be guided by The Seven Principles of Empowerment, which I will introduce in the first week. This allows all of us to step more and more into a place of true peer mentorship, which will affect your whole life!

5. If you want to get even more interpersonal support, you can use the systems I have put in place to implement Dyads or Small Groups so you can meet as often as you like. I have drawn up simple, clear guidelines to make these small groups super-effective, and I will help you find the perfect partners.

6. Toward the end of the month, we will meet up again in a live workshop on Zoom, so we can have a real conversation about what’s working, how to tweak the processes you’re using, and how awesome you are. 

You can interact with these six options as much or a little as you want, and create the perfect adaptable support system for whatever you need that month.

And here’s the price… are you ready?


The entire Continuum experience is yours for only $40 a month!

I know… that’s literally the price of a regular cup of coffee!

Mission Accomplished! 

Membership will be in a quarterly subscription, which will help create continuity and community growth, for the price of $120 for three months, in other words, only $40 a month!  

And…if you already know you will want to stay longer, I have a bonus offer for a six month subscription… you can get one month free! 

So for $240 you will actually get 7 months! 

Cool, huh?

In the future I’ll be adding a referral bonus, so you can actually get credit for referring others, but for now this is just for graduates of the 21-Day program, because I think we need a little foundational preparation for Continuum. But in the coming weeks I’ll add a prep course so that you can invite anyone you want to!

Feel free to post any questions in the challenge group, and I will answer them!

I am so excited to create this community of empowered, aligned individuals with you. 

As we step into our empowerment with more and more confidence, we naturally align with our inherent love, kindness and wisdom, and we cannot help but become leaders, in our lives, in our homes, in our communities, and in the world.  

May the Fruits of our Practice Benefit All Beings!

– Mary

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