About Mary

Mary Cordelia Myers, Co-Founder, Somatic Therapist and Success Coach

My approach to wellbeing is based in a deeply held understanding that mental and emotional health is our core nature. However, sometimes our training, trauma, habits and neurological challenges make this wellbeing difficult for us to access.

In my work with clients, together we develop Mindfulness Practices and learn to contact the present moment, which is where our power lies. We develop awareness of life habits and learn to observe how feelings are experienced in the body, which puts us in touch with our brilliant Emotional Guidance System. This combination leads to an increased capacity to be present to yourself, and to see, understand and change your patterns.

Developing non-judgmental awareness of the self is the key to healthy change. This understanding leads to the opportunity to make clear choices based in what is best for you. It also leads to compassion for your life and your experiences, deeper connections with others, and an understanding of how to move in the direction of well-being and happiness.

For many years I have taught Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, a carefully developed program that is amazing effective in helping individuals understand their minds and emotions. This has deeply informed my work, as has Somatic Experiencing, a powerful body based healing system that brings real and permanent recovery from old wounds.

I feel honored and privileged to do the work I do. I am beyond lucky to have found this path of wellbeing, and I’d love to share it with you.

Peace to you!


Mary is also a passionate puppy lover and helps to run a Dog Rescue non-profit called Suruluna. At Suruluna they take care of dogs that would usually be put down due to age, sickness, or various other factors. They love these dogs and help them to find a home by pairing them with people interested in adopting them. For more information on Suruluna click here. 

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