The Three-Minute Breathing Space

Here are all the resources you need to master the Three Minute Breathing Space.

Note: this page is just a quickly made download page for people I’ve already talked to about the 3MBS, so if I haven’t talked to YOU about it, or if you want some help with it, feel free to reach out with questions in the Blissipline group:

If you master this POWERFUL technique, you will experience a new level of calm, presence and emotional stability that will make everything that is important to you easier and more effective!

AND… if you want to OWN it, you must practice.

You must do it many times.

And it will work! This practice has made a huge difference in the lives of the people who have found the will to practice it regularly!

I recommend three scheduled times daily for at least two weeks, and then you can begin to do it when you think of it, and see how that goes.

Please use the Blissipline group for support if you want help getting your momentum going. (That’s what it’s for!)

Below are some tools to begin practicing the Three-Minute Breathing Space. Reach out with any questions!


This file is designed to be downloaded on your computer. It is a zip containing:

  1. A guided recording
  2. A pdf with instructions
  3. A pdf for tracking

Or if you’re on your phone, you can bookmark this page and access the files here.

Here’s the guided recording:

Here are the instructions:

And here is the tracking sheet:


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