Welcome to the new 21-Day Challenge!


Our next Challenge starts August 31st!

Join us! (You’ll be glad you did.)

Note: This page is still under construction. Write to me at support@marycordelia.com if you want to be notified when registration opens.

Hey amazing people!

About 4 times a year, I offer a 21-Day Alignment Challenge. It’s an incredibly powerful experience for many people, and there are lots of reviews below so you can read about their experiences. So first, let me give you an outline of what it is.

• It’s an opportunity for you to get in alignment with what is REALLY important to you.

• It’s a series of powerful experiences that will shift you toward a more empowered relationship with your mind and your life.

• It’s a powerful, effective and FUN way to jumpstart your journey on the path to the life you want.

For 21-Days, we meet online to uplevel your feelings of empowerment and enthusiasm. People experience so much growth in the challenge — and have so much fun — that they come back and do it over and over again.

The format consists of 6 “Challenges” each of which is followed by a few “ACE” days.

The Challenges focus in on a certain area of growth and give you a bunch of options of something to actually accomplish before the next challenge. The options range from things that are super easy and take only a few seconds all the way up to fairly challenging. All of them are designed to break you out of your habits and open you up to new possibilities.

Because I really understand (and I bet you do too) that you don’t know anything until you own it for yourself, I don’t do a whole lot of teaching. Mostly, it’s about taking an idea and running with it, and seeing what happens.

Our motto in the 21-Day Challenge is “Rock it, ’til you Grok it!”

This means we actually do something so that we really get it, beyond ideas, beyond beliefs, and place it firmly in the realm of our own experience.

The ACE days are for Accomplishment, Celebrations, and Encouragement. After you do one of the challenges (Accomplishment), you post in the group that you did it (Celebration) and then people high five you and cheer you on (Encouragement).

As adults we get SO LITTLE of this kind of encouragement, and it feels great! So a big part of the experience is that as you go through the 21-Day Challenge, you feel better and better. This, all by itself, has felt beneficial to a lot of people, but there are much bigger benefits that you will learn about as you hear and read about others’ experiences.

There is a second part of the challenge that runs side by side with the 6 Challenges and the ACE days. We also have a day-by-day skill building process that teaches you to have a much more empowered relationship with your own mind!

Have you noticed that when you try and do something new, something that’s really important to you, and maybe something that’s a bit challenging… then all kinds of habits and thoughts start to get in your way?

Well in the 21-Day Challenge, I’m going to teach you — and even more importantly coach you (right? cuz learning isn’t enough… you have to actually DO it… you have to Rock it if you want to Grok it…) — to make some powerful mindset challenges that will put you back in the drivers’s seat.

So that’s the training in a nutshell.

So read on to find out the results others have gotten and a little bit of info about me.

And if you’re wondering what the price point on this challenge is, here’s the story.

I am determined to make this accessible to everyone who wants to step into the next level of their lives. So I have created a super low price point AND made it available to people who can’t afford that.

The cost is $99.

This is for $21 days of full on support. I will be in the group, answering your questions and

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